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With Chedar Film Budgeting, any budget can be turned into a professional looking invoice ready to be sent to your client. You can split a budget into several invoices depending on the payment terms of your shooting or show a detailed invoice depending on your budget type.

Before you can send an invoice, you need to make sure the client you'd like to bill is added to the platform and that your budget has been finalised.

In the client section, you'll fill the details related to your client, review transactions per client and import or export transactions.

The Proposals module is used to prepare invoices and make sure that your project & client are correctly synced. Inside of this section, you'll be able to split a budget into multiple invoices and track billing statuts.

Finally, the invoice module gives you an overview of issued invoices and their payment statuts. You'll also be able to issue Credit Notes and email these invoices to your client.

Below are the links to the detailed sections: