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Chedar is a Production Management Tool tailored for all types of production companies. Chedar provides an intuitive interface to create smarter quotes, twice as fast as before. Chedar allows you to streamline the film budgeting process as you never have to leave the platform. With this versatile software you can, now, input your budget, using up to 900 cost lines, extract financial reports, work on account reconciliation, or cash flow monitoring. What’s more, invoices can be automatically uploaded and itemized line by line, improving the efficiency of the film production’s financial aspect. With Chedar, all your documents are neatly stored in the same spot and can be organized by the Team, Year, Agency or whichever way will help you increase efficiency and, therefore, productivity.

Chedar is a great collaboration tool allowing you to give access to other contributors such as freelancers and manage your budgeting projects.


To login to the Film Budgeting App, please click this link.

If you do not have an account please go back to our Chedar's landing page or contact us for more info